Suci Straws. Saving the Environment One Straw at a time.

Suci Straw's vision is to become a solution to the plastic pollution issues by distributing our environmental friendly products all over Australia to encourage a greater environmental awareness.


Driven by a growing environmental movement of eliminating plastic straws, we actively pursue technological innovation to address the world’s plastic pollution problem. The combination of our local Aussie expertise and Malaysian technology has enabled us to manufacture biodegradable, 100% natural and environmentally-conscious product.

Such is the commitment to the environment and to ensure a safe product, the factory has gone through stringent processes to maintain the quality to the highest standard, The factory is now certified to ISO22000 and HACCP food manufacturing standards and the straws have been certified as a fully biological product by the USFDA. What this means is that the straws are free of contaminants and any harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process.

For more information, you can head to our principal's page:

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