Why buy Rice Straws?

  • Made out of rice and tapioca

  • Fully Biodegradable (takes only 100days!)

  • Durable - Last 4/6hours in cold drinks and 3hours in hot drinks

  • Edible - Still hungry? You can eat the straw if you want!

What are the straws made out of?

​Rice Straws is made of a combination of rice and tapioca. We utilise the most advanced technology from Malaysia, and the most natural eco-friendly materials to create this 100% biodegradable rice drinking straw.

Are they fully biodegradable?

Yes, Rice Straws can fully biodegrade and decompose within 100 days.

How Long do they last in cold drinks?

Rice Straws are high performers with long endurance and will stay strong and firm for over an hour in various types of cold drinks. But then you shouldn’t be sipping on your drink for that long anyway. (Maintain its shape within 4 – 6 hours)

Can you eat the straws?

Of course! Rice Straws are made of rice and tapioca, so unless you have a rice and tapioca allergy, it is safe to have a bite or cook a dish!

Are they vegan/vegetarian friendly?

Yes, they are. Rice Straws are made with only 2 natural ingredients – rice and tapioca, with absolutely no animal products involved.

Is it Gluten-Free?

Yes, it's safe for someone who has celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

What is the shelf life of the straw?

When stored in a cool and dry place,  Rice Straws will last for up to 2 years.

What is the size of your straws?

Regular : Diameter 6.5 and 8mm length 20cm 

Bubble Tea: Diameter 13mm length 20cm

Customised solutions are available subject to minimum order quantities.